Also known as Caitlin Tavares

A graphic designer specializing in branding, typography, and package design.

I’m a graduate from Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design Communications and minors in both Marketing and Visual Arts (Drawing, Painting & Printmaking).

Currently, I am a Production Artist for National Amusements (ie. Showcase Cinemas). Outside of the 9-5 life, I use my artistic abilities in hand lettering, drawing precise mandalas, and decorating delicious sugar cookies. 

The design practice has been a part of my discipline for almost 8 years now. I was able to study and express my love for the digital and print sides of graphic design at the starting age of 15 by attending a vocational high school. From there my interest in the field only grew stronger. 

Within my education at RWU, I was able to compete alongside my peers in The National Student Advertising Competition to strategically come up with a campaign to achieve the objectives and KPIs of the 2020-2021’s brand — Tinder. I was one of the graphic designers apart of Agency 354, achieving second at the district level of the competition.

My senior year I found my true love for type design by creating a serif typeface completely from scratch.  My typeface followed the rules of thirds in proportion to each of the letterforms and overall anatomy. The typeface is named Kurt Waseline and consists of numbers, letter characters, and punctuation. 

Throughout my eight years of creating, I have grown as a designer and as a person. I am able to accept constructive criticisms for improvement and find inspiration within my peers and environment. I work well within deadlines to allow time for edits and changes. 

I do not only have a love for design, but love and care for those I do the design work for. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a design come to life and a smile across the client’s face.