Calligraphy & Hand Lettering

Ranges between lettering styles and surfaces; lettering is something I take pride in. The lost art of calligraphy and cursive is something I do daily. I specialize in the Copperplate Calligraphy style, cursive and print. This practice can be used for cards, place cards, envelope addressing, home decor and so much more. 

Caitlin Hope provides the following:
Hand-lettered mirrors/ sign rentals and buyouts for any event
– Place Cards
– Letters from Santa
– Envelope Addressing
– Vows
– Hand written letters
– Decor/ signs
– Ornaments
– And More!

Mediums used: Pencil, ink, paint, engraving, etc
Substrates: Acrylic, wood, glassware, paper, etc

Pricing depends on type of product, substate, and medium.
Below is pricing for specific products/ services:

– Hand-lettered mirrors/ sign rentals: Varies
– Place Cards: Starting at $2 per name/card
Letters from Santa: Full Set is $20
– Envelope Addressing: Starting at $2.50 per envelope
– Vows: Starting at $50
– Hand written letters: Starting at $20
– Decor/ signs: Starting at $40
– Ornaments: Starting at $10

Caitlin Hope takes custom orders at any point in time for any event/ occasion. Please feel free to reach out regarding your vision.