Royal Icing Cookies

Who doesn’t love a good sugar cookie? With Icing???? It’s hard to find those people. My royal icing sugar cookies are pretty AND delicious; a very hard combo to achieve. Cookies are available for any event. Bridal Shower? Birthday? Anniversary? Prank? You name it, I will create it.

Ingredients include sugar, unsalted butter, milk, vanilla, eggs, flour, baking powder, salt, meringue powder,  powdered sugar, water, and added powdered gel coloring. 

For more information regarding the ingredients and allergies please feel free to reach out!

Pricing starts at $40 per dozen.

Cost of 1 dozen is required as a deposit to reserve cookie order. This goes towards the total cost of your order. Deposit will no longer be refundable if order is canceled less than 2 weeks before order due date. Remaining order amount owed due at time of pickup/delivery.

Additional $5 per dozen when design is more than 4 colors.

Additional $5 per dozen when design includes luster dust/ shine elements.

Additional $10 per dozen for very intricate designs.

If clients requests cookies in less than 2 weeks in advance (and Caitlin Hope has availability) there will be an addition charge of $20.

Delivery fee starting at $10 will be charged if client is unable to pick up their order. An additional $1 per mile outside of a 15 mile radius or Norton, Massachusetts.0

A minimum of 3 dozen must be ordered unless Caitlin Hope is running a holiday special.

For holidays Caitlin Hope will provide certain designs – most can be customized to names but will not stray away from those

All cookies will be individually heat-sealed unless requested otherwise.