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Visual Identity

Everything revolves around brand identity. It’s the face and personality of the company. Whether it’s a rebrand, or completely starting from scratch, a brand says it all. As a designer, it is my job to create what people see when they think of a company. Something so simple can be so powerful.

Type & Print

Typography. It’s everywhere. Street signs, your mobile device, and books. It is one of the most powerful tools in graphic design and must be valued and appreciated for exactly what it is. 


From curating complete marketing campaigns, to designing simple infographics and digital ads. Marketing can use design, but overall is strategic techniques to best attract the audiences. 

Package Design

Package design is all about housing an item in a way to store, protect and represent the item all while driving an appeal for the consumer to be interested. It’s not just something that you can design, but it’s something that you have to put together.


Design before computers were even a thought. I find something so satisfying putting ink to paper. I try to use art/ drawing in my design practice today, but sometimes I just need to completely get off the screen and relax by creating something tangible.