Thematic Mandalas



Watercolor –  Thematic Mandalas

Watercolor on (4) separate 8”x8” Arches Cold Press Watercolor Sheets

My usual drawing practice consists of the technical forms of mandalas. I have always been drawn to their detail, intricate designs and symmetry, and geometry. I found the process relaxing and unique. The meaning of mandalas is a “dreamers search for completeness.” I always look back to this definition to really connect with my process and work by circling around the mandala to completion. One thing I don’t see much in mandalas is everyday objects. Mandalas are often complex and detail-oriented, but who says it HAS to be so. This is where I drew my inspiration to use themes in my mandalas. Fast Food, Eyes, Sea, and Clothing. 



“Cravings “was part of the Bristol Art Museum during the Roger Williams University Visual Arts Majors Exhibition in April 2022

Cravings is a mandala driven by common fast food cravings (sorry to all my vegetarian and vegan friends.) The greasiest and the foods that aren’t the best for you always tend to be the most delicious and what we always end up craving. Pizza, hamburgers, french fries, soda, and more. The collection of thematic mandalas is playful, and fun and can invoke a variety of emotions when viewed. This one I found draws smiles, mouth-watering faces, and growling stomachs from the hunger and “cravings” they feel after. I hope after viewing this piece the audience can relate and smile over what foods they crave in the most bizarre of times.