Don Barcardy Master Study


Watercolor on (2) 16″ x 20 Arches Cold Press Watercolor Sheets

Academic Assignment — Special Topics – Watercolor 330

I decided to study and immerse myself in Don Barcardy’s work and progress as for my Master’s Study project. Don Barcardy is an American portrait artist, who painted over fourteen thousand portraits during his lifetime, the range of styles changing over time. He pursuits to capture the likeness and inner life of his subjects and explore and expand the formal and expressive. Apart from this study I recreated one of his portrait pieces as well as implicated his style in my own self-portrait. 




Don Barcardy’s work taught me a lot about color, the whites of the page, glazing, and technique. I grew an attraction to this technique and hope to pursue it more in my work in the future, especially in working with patterns and mandalas.