Melbourne AIGA Magazine



Academic Assignment — Publication Design 320

For this project, I was tasked with designing a brochure for any city or town to try and win the ability to host the next AIGA design conference. I had to design from the ground up, the layout and structure of the brochure according to the specs provided by the printer. Page size bleeds, margins and file structure must be followed to specifications. My approach was focused on the city and what makes it unique while delivering answers as to why the conference would thrive in this environment. The page structure must be consistent throughout the brochure [footers, typefaces used along with other metrics and headers as well as margins] unless the layout requires it to be tweaked. The look and feel also should be consistent, such as images/illustrations and color schemes. 

HOWEVER, design each spread for the content. Each article must be executed that makes sense to the material you are working with. We could not create cookie-cutter templates that you simply copy and paste your text into.